The other day I was driving on a two-lane road. I was traveling at a decent speed, somewhere near 45 mph and I started to think about how close the oncoming cars are to me. Not because they weren’t driving well, but simply because of the distanced allowed between their north-bound side and my southbound side. It wasn’t a lot, a few feet maybe. That is not a big margin for error at 45 mph, and I thought about how risky it is.

Yes, traveling on a road with cars coming in the other direction that are only a few feet away from us is very risky, yet we do it every day. We aren’t even in complete control of this inherently risky situation, we are only in control of 50%. Why do we take on this risk almost every day? Because we don’t want to be stuck where we currently are, right? Because we have things we want to accomplish and we can only do them if we take on this risk. Correct? Yes.

Ok, well then why aren’t we taking on smaller risks to further our careers, get a new job, fix or find relationships, or anything else we really want? Do we really fear rejection or failure more than that oncoming car? I don’t think so. I think we like to think we are risk averse, when in reality we are extreme risk-takers every day and we don’t realize it or give ourselves credit. Today, own your bravery. Think about a small calculated risk you are willing to take for yourself! There are things we want to accomplish in 2021 and we are going to need to get behind the wheel! Let’s GO! We got this.

With Gratitude,


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