We like to think that we are in control of our lives. We like to think we make our own wise and well thought out decisions based on logic, reasoning, and intellectual thought—but is that true? I’m not so sure.

We try to make most of our decisions based on what’s right for us, but there are three very influential components to these desicions that we may not even be consciously aware of. We, subconsciously, look to the close, the many, and the powerful to influence many of our decisions. If that is true, then it’s really important for us to look at those three factors in our life and make sure they are the people we want surrounding us.

First, our family is our CLOSE. Although we can’t change our family, let’s make sure our family is positively impacting each other and helping everyone grow and prosper. Next is the MANY. This group is friends, co-workers, and, more broadly, our culture or where we live. Is this group raising us up as well? Finally, it’s the POWERFUL. Who is the powerful person in your life that you are looking up to? This one we get to choose! Choose wisely. We can make this a conscious decision. Today, intentionally choose the powerful person you’d like to emulate. Who we choose matters.

With Gratitude,


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15 days ago

Family members and our close friends are good sources of encouragement, but poor sources of objective feedback. Sometimes, we need objective feedback.