What I am worried about during this mandatory social isolation might not be what you’re worried about. Catching COVID-19 is not a big fear for me. My neurosis is more focused on what this isolation is doing to my brain. As I have said before, Isolation has many adverse effects for our physical and psychological health. So today I wanted to know exactly how I can add grey matter during this quarantine. Would you like to know, too?

Here are 7 ways to increase grey matter while in isolation (they are in no particular order). 
1. Meditate (yes, you can do this!)
2. Play brain games like puzzles, SUDOKU, or Wordscapes
3. Play video games (yes, there is science behind this that proves it’s good for the brain)
4. Engage in cardiovascular activity
5. Eat healthy – nutrition really matters
6. Learn a new skill (I’m going to try Spanish with Duolingo
7. Eliminate bad habits like holding a grudge – would you let that grudge go if you knew it would improve your brain?

Now you know what I am worried about, so if you see me running down the street, eating an apple, and singing in Spanish—you’ll understand! Be well, be healthy, be safe, AND spend time each day increasing your grey matter!

We Got This!

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