So here we are—at the doorstep of the holiday season. We are still in a pandemic, yet Thanksgiving will happen tomorrow, regardless. There are only 36 days left in the year, and there were times when I never thought we would get to this spot. 2020 will not be forgotten any time soon; it’s been a crazy year, and not one that I’m sure any of us wish to repeat.

As tough as 2020 has been, I keep reading about how polarized our nation is. This makes me so sad. And I’m not sure if “polarized” is really what they mean. Polarized surely means sharply divided into two group and it also means there is no middle ground, but it also seems to have an underlying tone of anger or hatred. And I believe the more we hear “polarized” the more we believe it and the more we act accordingly—but that doesn’t have to be our truth. We are better than “polarized.”

So as we wrap up 2020, for the next 36 days, think of other words to describe yourself. Don’t let someone define you as “polarized” without your consent. Polarized is a choice. Choose your own word. Here are a few words to think about: open-minded, kind, accepting, understanding, and perhaps even UNITED. Novel, right? United means we are willing to actively seek our common ground. It’s agreeing to meet in the middle. We all learned this in Kindergarten, remember? For me, this means leading with my heart, and it also means always actively aspiring to be my very best self. That’s what I’m shooting for. You?

With Gratitude,


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