As we enter 2021, and we are just 7 days in, I’m wondering how overwhelmed you are? Do you have a million thoughts and ideas running through your head of what you want the new year to look like and what you want to accomplish? Me, too! So much so that I woke up at 3 am last night with all those thoughts and we hung out together for about 2 hours! Good times!

Here’s a simple trick I want to share to help quiet the mind. You probably already know it, but you might not be using it to its full potential. The trick is: write it down. Most of us already do write things down, but we don’t write everything down. We write the grocery list, and we write some goals or, more likely, tasks, but we don’t write everything. Some things are “simple” so we decided to hold that in our memory until we take care of it later, but that’s where the problem lies! The mind takes that job of holding that memory so seriously that it will wake you up at 3 am to remind you. Sadly, I know this to be true.

So today, start writing things down. It’s the new year, and there’s a lot to remember like people, tasks, finances, chores, dreams, goals, ideas, plans etc. Get it out of your mind and onto paper so your mind can rest. Your mind will breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Phew! I’m glad I don’t need to remember and remind her of that anymore.” Write in a daytime or just on a note pad, either way works, but it’s a gift to both you and your mind! Then, relax and enjoy!

With Gratitude,


PS Look at some of the hyperlinks for ideas to help with lists.

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