One thing I hear a lot from my executive clients is that they are looking for more balance in their lives. What I find humorous is that no one can actually define what balance means. They start off strong and then their words seems to fade into these vague, nonspecific, generalities. What is balance, because it’s definitely NOT equal?

Here is the first and biggest problem with balance: we can’t have it all. Oh, trust me, I’ve tried! Unsuccessfully, I might add. We cannot be the best employee, the best parent, the best athlete, the best volunteer, the best housekeeper, and the best chef—something has to give. And when something “gives,” you will feel completely out of balance. Balance does not occur when you do everything, it occurs when you do the right things—and only you can determine what are the right things.

Would you like more balance in your life? It’s not necessarily about having more time, although we would all love that, wouldn’t we? It’s about choosing the right things, knowing what the right things are in your life, and being ok with not getting to the other things. And PLEASE stop comparing yourself to other people, because their “right thing” likely isn’t your “right thing.” No judgement—to each his own. Balance is not doing everything, it’s doing the right things. Let’s chew on that for a while.



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