Do you know why I play tennis on Tuesday’s at 9:30 am? Because that is when the class is held. Do you know why I get on a Zoom call every Thursday night at 5pm with my leadership group? Because that is when the call is held. For either of these events, coming at any other time would be pointless—no one would be there. These are two events I look forward to each week and I can count on them to cheer me up.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our work-life balance. The separation between our work life and our personal life is not only blurred but it’s now essentially inextricable. Part of the reason this is true is because we have not set up some firm parameters like my tennis class. Imagine what would happen if the tennis club said, “We are here 24-7, come whenever you feel like it and we will create a drill for you.” Ridiculous, right? I’d never go. I’d never find the time.

The same is true for us. Start small. Pick one time, each week, that you are dedicating to fun with either your partner, your family, or a friend. Hold that time dear. Call it something like Wednesday Fun Night. Make it as firm as any other date in your calendar. If we don’t start defining the lines, no one else will. If you are waiting for the time to define itself— I assure you, that will never happen. And do you know what comes after no work-life balance? Right, BURN OUT. It’s your choice.

With Gratitude,

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