Have you ever said, “Why aren’t things working out for me?” I have undoubtedly said those words too, and the words that usually follow that question sound something like, “I’m a good person, I don’t deserve this.” So why aren’t things working out for you?

It’s such a great question but, unfortunately, when we utter those words we are usually feeling discouraged and depleted. We definitely want an answer, but we are so drained, we simply want someone to tell us why. If we could muster up the energy, that is exactly the question we need to ask ourselves: Why aren’t things working out for me?

If your immediate answer is, “I don’t know,” then get a trusted friend to help you answer this question. Are you in the wrong industry? Are you knocking on the wrong door? Are you hanging with the wrong people? Are you misusing your time? Are you ignoring the obvious? Are you afraid? The Universe has a crazy way of letting us know we are off-course, but we need to answer the question ourselves.This adversity is trying desperately to redirect you to the life you really want, but you have to stop resisting. Try surrender instead. Now ask again with an open heart: Why aren’t things working out for me? The answer is in you.

With Gratitude,

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