Near where I live is a rather long stretch of unobstructed land; part of this land is owned by a sod farm and the remainder is the periphery of our local high school. On almost any given day you will find a surveyor-in-training there taking measurements. Apparently this lengthy stretch of open land is rare and valuable to the surveying schools.

As I ran past the most recent student of the land yesterday, as I have so many times before, I finally thought about what he was doing. He stood their, peacefully assessing the land ahead with a completely unobstructed view for almost a mile. I feel like we have been given that opportunity as well right now. The world has slowed down to almost a complete halt, giving us the time we need (and want) to view the land ahead and assess what our next step forward will be. 

What do you want in the weeks and months ahead? What is your plan professionally and personally? I do hope you are giving this some thought. Waiting for this to “blow over” will leave you at a disadvantage. There has never been a time in our life when the world has stopped—until now. Thinking is free. Planning is free. Networking is free. Brainstorming is free. But doing nothing, is a mistake. Let’s go! We got this!

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