Yesterday I received an email that said, “What has you stuck?” My first reaction was to simply delete this fishing expedition, but for some unknown reason, I didn’t. I gave it a second look and decided to answer this vague and ambiguous question. I asked myself, “What does have you stuck, Beth?” At first glance, I really didn’t have an answer.

What I realized was that I first needed to answer, “Exactly where do I feel stuck?” Once I had that answered, I could move on to, “What has you stuck?” Unfortunately, I really didn’t like my own answer; my answer was fear. I didn’t like my own answer because I hadn’t looked that beast in the face. I had blamed my delays on many things like procrastination, too much work, no time, no money, other priorities, my son’s graduation, and the lunar eclipse, but fear never came up. Interesting, right?

Well, today I am going to ask you, “What has you stuck?” and I want you to be brave and look that beast right in the face, too. It’s not because you are too busy, nor is it because of the lunar eclipse. It might be fear for you as well, or lack of confidence, or not feeling worthy, or something else. Finding out why you’re stuck is the first step to becoming unstuck. We can create amazing excuses for why we are stuck, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if we simply conquered them?

With Gratitude,


P.S. If you’re sick of being stuck—get a coach. It can often be a quick fix to get you unstuck!

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