Yesterday I wrote about how addicted most of us are to our phones. Our phone use is an invasive weed in the garden of our life. Today, I want all of us to fast-forward to when this global pandemic no longer has a stranglehold on us. That day is not that far away. After stripping away only that which is essential for months, what do we want our post-corona life to look like? Reverting back to the way we were living will mean we missed the message entirely. 

History shows that periods of adversity yield new habits of mind. We have been forced to suspend everyday activities which has given us an opportunity to raise questions about our life, our purpose, and what really matters. So before this is all “over,” we might be wise to take stock in what we want to remain a part of our life when the engine starts up again and we get sucked back into the race.

Today, spend 5 minutes alone, with your family, or both, discussing what changes you’d like to remain after the lockdown is over. If good can come from a pandemic, perhaps it’s our renewed awareness of the need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—we were essentially starving our souls. If we don’t decide now, we won’t have a clear view of what to reference when we return to “normal.” Ask yourself, ‘What constitutes a good life?” We might honestly have some better answers for that now! This might be the most important thing we do during the lockdown.

With Gratitude,

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