“Let’s Go! We got this!” — If you read my posts daily, you know I write these two sentences a lot and “we got this” is actually grammatically incorrect. I twinge every time I write it because I want to tell you, “I know it’s incorrect, but there is a reason I do it.” So today is the day you find out why.

We are far more familiar with the words, “You got this!” as we encourage others to remain strong and strive for success, but that implies that this person, maybe you, is alone on his or her journey. Yes, we are encouraging him or her, but we are also clearly separating ourselves from this person and their presumably difficult and challenging time. And is that what this person needs right now, to feel distanced and alone? Probably not.

So, I say, “We got this,” for many reasons. First, Les Brown says, “We got this,” because he always wants to remind himself that he is never alone, God is always with him. Second, as a coach and a friend, I want you to know that I want to stand by your side on this journey, even if I can only do that through emotional support and prayer for you and your successful outcome. “You got this,” is encouraging, but “We got this,” makes us a team—an invincible, scrappy, hard-working, unstoppable, and supportive team. And isn’t that what we all want? “You got this,” is scary; “We got this,” is encouraging and reassuring. What are you most worried about his week? Don’t go it alone. Let’s Go! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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