I have recently discovered that, in our new normal, we have forgotten to think for ourselves. For example, let’s take the never-ending Zoom call. Have you been on any of those that got a bit awkward when there was nothing else to say? Me, too! I now have a rule that I mention, in advance, when the Zoom call is ending. Truthfully, the 40-minute free version was close to perfect—although maybe a few more minutes were needed to allow for a proper good-bye.

Last night my husband had a 6:30pm board meeting online. I asked him, “Why is it still being held at 6:30pm? No one is commuting; it now seems like a really bad time.” If we are in the new normal then we really need to think about what we want the new normal to be and then define it for ourselves. Mindlessly accepting someone else’s new normal is just plain wrong. 

This is our fresh start. We get to decide what stays and what goes. No one has been here before, so it’s all open for discussion as well as experimentation. If you’re reading this post daily, then “mindlessly” is not your M.O., and “drifting through life” is not your chosen course of action. So today, question everything by asking, “How can this be more efficient, more effective, more worthwhile, less tedious, and just plain old better?” Now, be brave, and offer your suggestions. It’s a “speak now or forever hold your peace” kind of moment. Forever is a really long time. Just sayin’.

With Gratitude,
PS This is a picture of my Zoom call with dear friends of ours. This was not a Zoom Video Communications call that was never ending at all, but I thought you would get a kick out of how my friend Norm showed up to the call!! He may be the funniest person I know.

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