A long time ago people thought the world was flat—and that made perfect sense. As you looked out at the horizon, the world appeared as though it just dropped off. If someone had said back then, “I think the world is actually round, and there must be this invisible force holding us all onto this round surface in the middle of space,” no one would have believed them. The thought was preposterous and incomprehensible, but, in fact, true.

Today, we laugh at the thought of the world being flat. That’s now the preposterous and incomprehensible thought. The unknown is definitely scary. People didn’t sail out toward the horizon for fear of falling off the earth. Even though they were likely scared about the unknown, they still got in their boats and sailed. They didn’t stay on land. And ultimately they did find out that they could circumnavigate the whole globe. Eureka!

What is the unknown for you? What is keeping you on land for fear of falling off the earth? Could you agree, today, that it’s safe enough to put your boat in the water? Are you open to the possibility of a short sail close to shore? What safe move can you agree to that will get you off the land and into the water? Here’s the truth, we would still think the world was flat if there had not been some incredibly brave and bright people—and they were brave so you and I would not be looking out at the horizon with complete fear of falling off the earth. Today, agree to make a very safe move FORWARD. Get off the dock! It’s time.

With Gratitude,


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