A while ago, friends asked if we would like to bike to Lambertville, NJ, where we could enjoy lunch at some restaurant along the Delaware. It sounded great, but the route we’d have to take has a few monstrous hills (in my opinion), so I was concerned that maybe I couldn’t do it. Doug and my two friends are great cyclists, so it wasn’t a concern for them at all.

So on Saturday, Doug and I decided to see how far I could ride on this route. The hill I was most apprehensive about was hard on the way out, but far worse on the way back. It was relatively steep, but it was the length that was so frightening. As we headed up this behemoth, I said to myself, “Don’t look up. Whatever you see will not help! Just trust your legs. Focus on your legs.” So I did and eventually we reached the top. It was really hard, but I’m so glad I never looked up to see how much of the hill remained.

What do you want to conquer or overcome in your life? I know it’s an uphill battle, I have a few of my own right here. Is it possible that you’re at the bottom of the hill just staring up at this daunting task that lies before you? It seems insurmountable doesn’t it? I get it. But is it possible for you to take one step forward—don’t look up. Put your trust in YOURSELF. The mountain will always psyche you out, but you get to decided: Do I put my faith and trust in my ability or do I focus on the mountain’s strength? Come on. Let’s GO! Pick you!! You’ll be glad you did.

With Gratitude,

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