I was on a call yesterday with my Seth Godin alumni team. When we went into our respective breakout groups to discuss the topic for the day, one of the men in our group shared a quote he loved from the very popular Apple TV show starring Jason Sudeikis—Ted Lasso. The quote went something like this, “I feel like I fell out of the lucky tree, hitting every branch on the way down, and landing in a pile of cash and sour patch kids.”

I loved the quote, too, as it actually made me smile just thinking about the visual of it all. It made me first think how lucky the character was to actually feel that way, but then I turned it on me. Have I ever felt that way? I went on to ask my friends on the call, “When, in your life, did you feel like that was you?”

I believe everyone has a, “fell out of the lucky tree,” moment in their life—it’s a matter of stopping to really ponder and appreciate how lucky we are. There is small lucky and big lucky. Some lucky is tangible and some is very intangible, but we all have it. My big “lucky tree” moment was my most unlikely and improbable meeting of Doug. What’s yours? Not every day will be amazing, successful, or even lucky, but it’s important to acknowledge our “lucky tree” moments—they should truly warm our grateful hearts.

Let’s GO! We got this!


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