I am hearing a lot about loss right now. Senior year lost, social interaction lost, travel lost, prom lost, freedom lost, financial loss, etc. Some of these one-time occasions are momentous and can’t be recouped so they are real losses for sure. They are painfully sad and require some time for mourning. 

In addition to all of those things we lost, there are absolutely things we have gained, right? Right next to the “I don’t” sits the “I do.” If you have completed your list of all the things you have lost do to this unprecedented pandemic, can you start to write down the things you’ve gained? I’m not trying to sell you a pair of rose-colored glasses, I’m simply trying to point out there is a lot more going on than just sacrifice and loss.

Any accountant will tell you, there are two sides to the balance sheet. Regardless of what went out, something had to come in. Today might be a good day to take stock. Our losses are sad for sure, but if we myopically focus on them we will miss the good. List 5 good things that have come out of this debacle. Start here. Now, perform a litmus test to keep you focused on the important things in your life and ask yourself: Will it matter in 5 years? Some may, but it’s a fantastic way of putting all things into perspective. I hope this helps in some way. XO

With Gratitude,

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