I was watching a detective show last night (and the US Open and the Flyers game—don’t judge). At one point in this particular episode, one of the person’s of interest (POI) took some extreme measures to escape, which of course, got me thinking. 

I asked myself, “What would I do if my life depended on it?” And the answer was a complete game-changer. I’d do a lot! I’d do anything and everything! I’d have a completely different mindset than I have now. And nothing requires me to wait until my life depends on it, whatever “it” is, I can adopt that mindset right now!

Let’s take one thing in our lives that we want to be different, better, or maybe even outstanding and ask ourselves that simple question: What would I do if my life depended on it? The life we WANT versus the life we HAVE does depend on it, doesn’t it? So what’s your next move? I hope you’ll take the time to answer the question. Reading the question is not the game-changer—answering it, though, is! Your choice. 

With Gratitude,

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