Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being the guest on a webinar for Raymond James. My friend, Karen, a wealth management advisor for RJ, invited me on to discuss pivoting after the pandemic and I enthusiastically accepted. I feel strongly that there is no better time then now to intentionally pivot in our life or in our career, and for some, it will be absolutely critical. 

Many insights will emerge from this global pandemic that we haven’t ever really given much thought to, like, “Am I truly happy?” or “Is this really where I thought I’d be by now? We are in the middle of what I am calling The Great Reset. The world essentially stopped. We can begin to rewrite anything in our life that we aren’t completely happy about. And if you hear yourself saying, “Beth, you don’t understand, it’s complicated,” I would ask you this: what if your life depended on it?

News Flash! Your life does depend on it! Your life is exactly that: YOURS. You’re driving the bus here and if this Great Reset has you contemplating a few changes, I encourage you to commit to changing them. If not now, when? No really, when? I’ll share a quote by Bob Goff from his book, “Love Does”: “Don’t be afraid of failing at something that really matters to you; be afraid of succeeding at something that doesn’t! Mic drop.

With Gratitude,

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