I was on the phone with a friend yesterday and he said, “The first step is the hardest. The next 20 are “easy.” That statement is so true. Once we take the first step, momentum begins to take over and it propels us toward the next 20 steps. But why is that first step so darn difficult?

The truth is that all the steps, 1-20 and beyond, occur outside our comfort zone. So to agree to take the first step or the 15th step means we have to break free from our cushy little comfort zone that we hunker down in daily. And the walls of that safe haven are made of fear, therefore fear keeps us in the confines of our safe haven. So there’s the conundrum, right? The only way out is through fear.

How can we win? How do we get outside our comfort zone so we can take that first step? We must be brave—and brave is not fearless, it’s simply brave. We must be brave enough to take that first step so that we can experience what it’s like outside of our comfort zone. If need be, get a buddy or coach to help you take that first step. It’s not nearly as scary as you think. Actually it’s quite liberating, but you must take that first step. It’s like zip lining, after you’re harnessed in, get up on the perch and jump! The first step off is scary but then it’s fun! Agree to take the first step, the rest will be easy!

With Gratitude,


P.S. I hope you’re reading Atomic Habits by James Clear for the book club. We made a switch and will read 4 Disciplines next month in case anyone wanted the new addition that doesn’t release until April 20th.

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