Do you find yourself “occasionally” panicking about the pandemic? I would imagine that all of us have had at least one moment where we let it get the better of us — but some of us are perseverating on it more than others. If this is you, I have some ideas that might help.

Control has been the key to our life; we like to think ahead, plan and prepare. But now, even our very best control strategies aren’t good enough. This virus, and other people’s behavior, has made everything seem incredibly unpredictable. So fear has now infiltrated our fortress and has begun to distort our thinking. We start catastrophizing (irrational thought in believing that something is far worse than it actually is). Now what?

We need to start some realistic self-talk. At this point, it is highly likely that you have done everything in your power to prepare. Ask yourself, “Is my reaction useful?” “Is there another view of this other than my own?” And think of someone you know and respect that is far more easy-going than you, and ask yourself, “How would he/she respond to this?”

We don’t have a lot of control right now, but going down the rabbit hole daily isn’t helping. What we all can take control of is our negative irrational thought. And if you aren’t spending some time each day in prayer or meditation – you really should start. It’s scheduled peace.

With Gratitude,

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