Highly successful people make different choices then the average person. One of the choices they make is they take risks. Just the mention of the word “risk” causes many people to recoil and begin rattling off excuses to explain why they can’t be a risk taker or why the successful person has the “luxury” of taking risks. See if any of these thoughts resonate: “They are in a better financial situation than me.” “They’re higher up in the company.” “I’d take more risks, too, if I was in their position.” And so on.

The truth is—none of that is the truth! Taking risks is scary no matter who you are and what you have to lose, but statistics show that risk-takers climb the corporate ladder faster. So the question we have to ask ourselves, if we really want success, is: How can I become a really successful risk-taker?

Good risk-takers aren’t gunslingers; they are brave, for sure, but their risk is always well thought out. This does not mean that failure doesn’t happen for them, because it does, but they have learned the risk-reward relationship. It’s 2020 for goodness sake, isn’t it time we said yes to some risk? What is one risk you are willing to take – in January – maybe even this week? Are you sweating yet? Well, ask yourself this: “Do I like the rung of the ladder I am currently dangling from?”

With Gratitude,
P.S. If you are ready and willing to take a risk, but are scared, email me. 

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