Have you ever said, “Well, that goes without saying?” Today, I am questioning all our thoughts that fall under the “Well, that goes without saying” category. It’s all of our “Of course” and “Obviously” thoughts that for some unfortunate and lamentable reason remain unspoken.

I became aware of this recently when I was having some challenging moments with my son. With our kitchen gutted and our whole house in a state of complete upheaval, he invited all of his friends over to paint a table (don’t ask). Their stuff was everywhere, they were trying to cook pizzas in my half-gutted kitchen, and they were cleaning the brushes in my only operating sink in the laundry room. I was not happy and I told him so.

With a few days behind me now, I was able to calmly reflect. How often do I correct a wrong without mentioning what is right? This doesn’t just apply to motherhood. Are you a boss? A coach? A spouse? My son is a really great young man who has great friends. He’s a very hard worker who is incredibly conscientious. He’s kind and thoughtful. Should that really “go without saying?” Take a look around you—who needs you to get past “Well, that goes without saying?” Words of praise and affirmation should NEVER go without saying; they are much-needed and help fill our very often depleted tank. 

With Gratitude,

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