Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it is unfortunately falling on the very last day that it possibly can—which means less shopping days for Christmas. So before the horse gets out of the barn, maybe we can stop and really breathe in the meaning of Thanksgiving.

I hope all of you reading this will be celebrating with family and friends. As you look around the table, regardless of the number, I hope your heart is full. Surely things have happened during the year that were amazingly joyful, but then there were the things that were profoundly sad. Unfortunately, no one gets to escape the sad times. Regardless of the ups and downs, can you still see your blessings?

We only get to celebrate this holiday once a year and there are no prerequisites to celebrate. This holiday accepts all races, religions, etc., so let’s enjoy it. There will never be a Thanksgiving when everything is perfect, so let’s be thankful for our completely imperfect lives. If there wasn’t sadness, how would we know happiness? Thanksgiving, a time to celebrate imperfectly perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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