I was playing tennis on Tuesday and I heard my tennis pro say to my friend, “You have the weapon—use it!” He was referring to her very powerful forehand stroke. His argument was, why would you chose to use another “weapon” that is arguable less effective, when you have this “weapon” in your arsenal? It makes perfect sense. 

We all have “weapons” in sports, in our career, and in our life, but we don’t necessarily use them to the best of our ability. I would argue that some of us forgot we even have some of our weapons. They sit there in our arsenal, unused and collecting dust, mostly because we forgot about them and because we fell into a routine.

Have you given any thought to your “weapons?” Better yet, have you taken inventory? Have you asked others what they believe are your “weapons?” Trust me when I tell you how important it is to know and use all of your “weapons.” Roger Federer will not head to the US Open Tennis Championships with only a backhand and the U.S. Army will not head into battle with only a hand gun. You have qualities and attributes you are not using and that’s a waste. It’s time; take inventory.

With Gratitude,

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