Some people really step up. Some people step up because they can, like Zion WilliamsonStephen Curry, and Kevin Love. They are just three of the men in the NBA who stepped up to help those who would undoubtedly suffer greatly from the loss of income or food during this pandemic. Well done, men!

There are also everyday people doing amazing things without pledging millions of dollars. Teachers helping students who rely on free lunches that are no longer provided due to school closings. Kind words going out via social media in support of all of those who are required to go to work every day and, in doing so, risk infection. And many others who have stepped up in many ways.

In an effort to help, in some small way, I am going to give away some of my books. It will be a contest of sorts. All we have to connect us right now is social media, so I want to see pictures of how this unprecedented time has changed you. Are you Facetiming your parents? Are you sitting around a table playing Scrabble with your family? Are you outside in nature? Show me. Show us all. Put a smile on our faces. Warm our hearts. Encourage all of us to do the same! 
There are a lot of great things going on out there and I believe we all need to see them! Let’s go! We got this!!

With Gratitude,
PS I will post one later today.

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