I recently joined Vida Health, a health app that was offered to our family by my husband’s employer. It’s been amazing so far. I am really enjoying the journey to better health through technology. In addition to documenting all that I did for my health each day, the app offers a lot of helpful tips to keep me encouraged and inspired.

The other day I received a message from Vida Health congratulating me on all the steps I had taken since joining, but that’s not how they said it. The message went something like this, “Congratulations, since starting your journey with Vida Health you have walked the distance equal to the entire length of Manhattan—end to end! Way to go!” Now that was a whole lot more impactful than hearing, “Congratulations, you walked 50,000 steps since you started.”

Don’t you wish our life was tied to an app that could remind us how amazingly successful we have been? I’d love to get notifications periodically that took note of everything that I have overlooked, forgotten, or dismissed. We have come a long way and we don’t even give ourselves credit—but we should! Today, please pat yourself on the back! Acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished. Small changes, every day, add up. Look, I walked the length of Manhattan—who knew? Certainly not me, but now that I know, I am encouraged to walk more! Today is “pat yourself on the back day”—and while you’re at it, pat someone else’s back, too! Let’s GO! Let’s spread the love!

With Gratitude,

Beth Fitzgerald

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