In the past few weeks I have been on a number of Zoom Video Communications calls with various different businesses to address stress and I have many more scheduled. I applaud these companies for seeing past “the new normal” and recognizing that even though work has continued remotely, they understand completely that stress for their employees is at an all-time high and they have chosen to do something about it. 

We have not been subjected to stress like this ever. And those leaders that are seeing work getting done but not recognizing at what cost are missing an incredibly important moment in their leadership. The best leaders see what isn’t truly visible. Everyone is putting up a brave front but we’d all be lying if we didn’t own up to the worry and fear festering inside of us.

As a master practitioner of energy work, I have seen first hand what a 5-minute breathing exercise can do for an entire organization on a Zoom call. People are struggling. Panic attacks, anxiety, worry, and sleeplessness are real things right now. If your company isn’t offering anything to help with stress, than you should consider doing it for yourself. Stress is manifesting regardless of how well we believe we are handling this situation. Please don’t ignore it; stress is not something to take lightly. It is a formidable adversary that is attacking our health.

With Gratitude,

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