“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” Oscar Wilde 

The mind loves to compartmentalize everything—especially people. It loves to put each person in a neat little one dimensional box – Tom is weird, Patty is hilarious, and Jane is sweet. Unfortunately, we are far more complex than the mind gives us credit for. And not only are we more complex, but we also have the capacity to be forever evolving (not everyone is, but we have the capacity). 

Our own mind makes a decision about us, too. How would you describe yourself right now? Funny, smart, and successful? Or perhaps struggling, dedicated, and exhausted? Although whatever words you would choose right now to describe yourself would, of course, be true, they are only true until they are not. So, who and what would you like to be? What words would you like to use to describe yourself? Those words can be true, too, but only you can make them so.

Just like the saint, we all have a past and it can’t be changed. But, just like the sinner, we all have a future, and that can be changed—it can be written by us exactly how we want it to be. So if you haven’t loved your past, I get it, but looking back isn’t helping. Instead, look into the future and decide who and what you want to be. Now go make THAT happen! We are only limited by our own thoughts. Let’s go! Think a better thought!

With Gratitude,

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