The Super Bowl is just around the corner. I love how they have an extra week in between the last playoff game and the Super Bowl to prepare. The Super Bowl is a big deal—they should have extra time to get ready.

Today, I’m proposing the same two-week prep time for all of us. In two weeks we will celebrate the only holiday that honors the dissemination of love and affection—Valentine’s Day. I surmise we will all be good about spreading love to those closest to us, but what about beyond that inner circle? Maybe we could all use a few extra practice sessions for that kind of love.

So today, we are “officially” beginning our two-week prep. How much love and affection can we spread to everyone we come in contact with? Do you need some ideas? Here are 21 ways from Live Happy or google others. Why do this? Well only if you want to improve your health and the health of others, people will be drawn to you and your positivity, and you will be changing the world and encouraging others to do the same. Seems like a good enough reason, don’t you think?

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” ~Proverb

With Gratitude,

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