recently read a story about Eugene O’Kelly, former CEO of KPMG. After being diagnosed with late-stage brain cancer, his doctors said he had about 100 days to live. He decided exactly what he wanted to do with those 100 days, like write a book titled Chasing Daylight and create as many “perfect moments” as he could.

I imagine if you haven’t ever been given “100 days” then you also haven’t thought about planning a perfect moment with someone very dear to you. O’Kelly’s perfect moment included uninterrupted time, void of distractions and cell phones. His conversations were deep and meaningful. Nothing was left unsaid.

If you could orchestrate some perfect moments this holiday season, with whom would you plan them? Is there at least one person that you know your “perfect moment” is way overdue? I really wish I had done that with my dad, but thanks to O’Kelly I will schedule a few now with some other VIP’s in my life.

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