A picture paints a thousand words” is an English adage that was essentially paraphrased from Henrik Ibsen, who first said “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.” Although both expressions are very different, both are incredibly powerful.

This picture was taken on a relatively busy road at the end of my neighborhood. The speed limit on this road is 40 mph. My guess is that as the road settled and the cracks became more prevalent, dirt settled into this fissure and then came the seeds and—voila! It became a “planter” for some very hardy weeds. It’s a beautiful example of, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” These are not the perfect conditions for growth—not by a long shot—yet there it is.

You and I often wait for perfect conditions. I say things like, “I will do it when…”. You’ve said it too, right? I will do it when I have more money, I have more time, I get more education, tomorrow, someday, next week, etc. Perfect conditions rarely, if ever, happen! We are waiting for that which may never come, and in doing so, we are procrastinating because we are afraid. Take another look at this unlikely “flower arrangement” that’s defying the odds by growing in the middle of a busy road. That could be me and you! What are we really waiting for? Come on! Let’s go! We got this!

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