What do you want? Can you answer that question truthfully? Some people can only answer it in the negative—what they don’t want. That answer is helpful, too. But neither of those questions get to the heart of what really needs to be asked which is, ‘What pain/hardship/struggle are you willing to go through to get it?’

Sadly, this life is not going to be pain-free. Nope. Ain’t happening. Somehow we all think we will wait until the path is clear, the money is in the bank, the stars have aligned, and then we will accomplish what we really want with no mess. That, unfortunately is fantasy-land! You’re more likely to ride to work on a unicorn then for that flawless scenario to play out.

Here’s the truth: it’s going to be a little ugly. You’re going to get your hands messy. Wait, did I say hands? I actually meant you’re going to be covered in it—like an army crawl. It’s going to be really hard and you’re going to get really tired, like bone-weary tired. And you’ll be frustrated, maybe even angry, and you’re going to want to quit—at least once. But here are the two things you need to know: First, it’ll be worth every minute. And second, if I may revise Sara Blakely‘s quote, “The future you will be glad you never gave up!” Are you ready? LET’S GO!

With Gratitude,
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