I was on a call yesterday and I listened to a woman tell the story of the phoenix, which was in a book her young daughter was reading. As you know, the phoenix is the long-lived bird from Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates itself, and out of the ashes, a new phoenix arises. And that, of course, made me think of you and me.

While listening to this woman speak, I thought of how different I am now then I was years ago. I thought of how many times I, too, have risen from the ashes. I’m no longer my 18 year old self, nor am I my 30 year old self. We look at the pheonix and think it’s just a mythical creature, but we ARE the phoenix. Look at all the times you and I have risen from the ashes of our life.

Whoever created the idea of the phoenix long ago surely used man as his muse. Look back over your life and think about all the challenges you have endured and obstacles you have overcome. You’re a bada$$. So why is it that we don’t move forward with fearless self-confidence and undeniable assuredness? Why do we hesitate and second guess ourselves? Maybe we should remember that we are the phoenix and out of the ashes we have come and we will come again. Remember that—always!

With Gratitude,


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