Last Friday morning I had an outdoor tennis match. It was a spectacularly sunny day but very windy. As my partner and I warmed up, we discussed how tough this match was going to be due to the wind. We decided the best approach was to simply play it safe—keep the ball low and take a little pace off our shots so we were certain the ball stayed on the court.

Our opponents had a different strategy. They were unloading on almost every ball which resulted in some amazing winners but more often than not the majority of their shots went long. There was nothing about our shots that was going to end up on an ESPN highlight reel, but we kept the ball in play, and it paid off with a win.

This very small adjustment made a huge difference in this match. Sometimes it is the small adjustments that are the difference-makers. What small adjustment do you need to make at work or at home that very well might be the game-changer? Take a moment to put your finger on what you want to change. Now commit to one small adjustment.

With Gratitude,

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