Have you ever gone into a Zoom or Teams meeting on-time only to find that you have had to sit there and wait for people to arrive? Then, once everyone successfully gets on the call, the meeting commences, usually a few minutes late. If you’re on regular calls, have you noticed that it’s the same person who shows up late? Are they on-time when there is someone “important”on the call? Hmm. 

Do you know what proper etiquette is for video calls now that it’s a big part of our life? First, do NOT go on to a video call on-time, on-time is late. Second, go in 5 minutes early. You can do whatever you want with your 5 extra minutes once you’re in, like following up on emails or texts, but do not come in on-time or late, it’s unprofessional and rude. All meetings should start on-time.

Why is this important? By coming in late, we have essentially said one of two things to everyone on the call, “Start without me” or worse, “Wait for me.” Most leaders will be polite and wait for the late-comers, but why? 9 out of 10 times, we are late because we didn’t manage our time well and those who did manage it well now have to suffer because of our inconsiderate and poor time management. Going forward, make a new rule that every meeting now starts 5 minutes earlier; it’s common courtesy, it showcases your professionalism, and it’s incredibly respectful of everyone who is on the call. Be your best self – always.

With Gratitude,

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