I am a big fan of daily planners and have been for years. It seems to be a very personal choice for people as to what they like to use. I used to be a Franklin-Covey girl, but recently I have found them to be too bulky. In an attempt to find my “just right” planner, I have been buying a new one every quarter and giving it a test drive. I may have finally found the winner.

My new planner is a Monk Manual and I am loving it. It does a lot of what every other planner does, which is set the stage for me to organize my day. But it’s how it’s different that has me so excited. After the day is over, there is a reflection page with four prompts, and these prompts have given me huge insight into me as a person. The prompts are: Highlights, I was at my best when__, I felt unrest when__, One way I can improve tomorrow__. Reflecting on these prompts each and every day is an incredibly powerful tool.

As humans, we repeat a lot of what we do each and every day, regardless of how it’s working for us. Stopping to reflect on each day furnishes us with the information we need to make significant and lasting changes. The Monk Manual prompts me to acknowledge what I did well, observe when and why I didn’t feel like I was at my best, and resolve how I can improve—all of this is done through observation and not criticism! I love it. Give it a try. It certainly can’t hurt.

With Gratitude,


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