This morning, I was scrolling through Facebook for no apparent reason other than habit when I saw that my husband’s cousin’s daughter was Rookie of the Week again for her college basketball team! When I say, “again,” I believe this may be the 5th or 6th time this season. And she’s not at some no-name college either. This accomplishment is absolutely remarkable!

Have you ever thought about the word “remarkable”? In its most basic sense it means “worthy of a remark.” Being Rookie of the Week 5 times is impressive, it’s exceptional, and it’s certainly noteworthy. For most of us Rookie of the Week is not possible, but have we given any thought to being remarkable? Are we even trying to be remarkable? 

Here’s the truth: we focus a lot on being busy and being good at what we do, but should we be asking ourselves, “What would make me remarkable?” Average isn’t what we are after, and neither is good. Today, write the word REMARKABLE in black magic marker on a note card where you can see it every day. That, my friends, is the target!!

With Gratitude,

This is not the Rookie of the Week. Stock Photo from Pixabay
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