I have spent the last 11 days being sick. It was not COVID, I tested negative for that. It was just plain old miserable chills, congestion sick. I’m still congested, actually. I spent 2 of the 11 days wiped out on the sofa all day, but it took me until day 5 to surrender to this illness. Why am I telling you this?

Because it’s that time of year when we believe we can and should burn the candle at both ends. We don’t get a good night’s sleep, and we never take the time to recover. We skip meals and exercise because there simply isn’t enough time. We are feverishly trying to finish all our year-end work, albeit from our stressed-out WFH environment.

Today, I’m sending my own PSA from my home to yours: Take care of yourself, please. Candles cannot successfully be burned at both ends—that’s a recipe for disaster. Self-care is really important right now. Think in terms of your inner child: bubble baths, reading time, nap time, fresh air, tv time, soothing music, comfy jammies, and early bed-time. If you haven’t already, please take care of yourself. It’s really important. If you don’t put yourself first, I assure you, no one else will.

With Gratitude,


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