I love the hydrangea shrub. I have many scattered throughout my gardens and every year, at this time, I tend to check in on it every day, patiently awaiting its imminent flowering. OK, maybe not so patiently if I am eagerly looking at this shrub every day.

Plants don’t speed up for anyone. Every year they simply do their thing. Each day they slowly grow just a little bit more. Even when the buds appear on the shrub, there is still a long way to go before the plant produces a full blown flower. And no matter how much I stare at this plant, nor how much nutrient-rich plant food I give it, nor wishing it so will this plant deviate from it’s growth plan. Slow and steady wins the race for my hydrangea and every other plant as well.

The hydrangea knows that growth can’t be rushed. The hydrangea does not feel like it’s letting me down when I arrive each day. If anything, I think the hydrangea feels sorry for me and my impatience. The best part of seeing the hydrangea bloom is that I know how long it took for this amazing growth to happen. Flowers take their time to grow and so should we. Be patient and kind to yourself. Nurture your growth. If plants sprouted blooms instantly and always we would have no appreciation for their growth and their beauty. So as the hydrangea comes into bloom this summer, please think of yourself and all your hard work and growth. That same beauty lies within you! Well done!!

With Gratitude,


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