What if having an enemy was a good thing? It can’t be more than one though. Having just one good enemy that we truly loath might be the solution to our success. Success in almost anything, from weight loss to career goals. 

Simon Sinek talks about knowing your “why” but what if it was equally important to know your “who.” And your who is the enemy you’re looking to defeat. If having an enemy seems too dark for you, it’s OK, because the enemy I’m suggesting is actually imaginary. You create this enemy. Steven Pressfield, in The War of Art, uses an entity he calls “Resistance” to describe the force conspiring against our creative output and DJ Kahlid talks about the collective “they” — “‘They’ don’t want you to succeed”— but “they” is undefined.

Think about one thing you really want to accomplish in 2020. Now imagine that this one enemy does not want you to succeed at getting it. “They” want you to fail. “They” want you to lose motivation and quit. “They” want you to give up, and if you do, “they” win. How do you feel about this enemy now? It’s conspiring against you at all times. Will you give in and let them win? Or will you prove this enemy wrong? For me, knowing “they” don’t want me to succeed is motivation enough! To this enemy or “Resistance” or “They,” whatever you want to call yourself — You’re going down!

With Gratitude,

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