What do you want in life? I could answer that for most people with a general response of, “I want to be happy and healthy, have a job I love that pays well, and a great family”. I could add a few more things but that likely sums it up. Although very broad it is a great answer, but a better question might be what don’t you want?

It is really what we don’t want that drives us. We want a great job that gives us financial independence but we don’t want a 60-hour work week. We want to be rich but we don’t want to take the risks. We want to be healthy but we don’t want to change our diets or live at the gym. So we better ask ourselves, “What are we willing and able to sustain to have what we want?”

There is a cost for everything, or so it seems. I strongly encourage you to write down what you want in life, but it must be followed up by what you are willing to “pay” to get it. Everyone deserves happiness. Happiness can’t arrive until both sides of the equation are equal:
What I want = What I am willing to “pay” for it.

With Gratitude,

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