This weekend, I was watching an episode of The Crown. In one scene, Queen Elizabeth was lamenting to her horse handler. She’s explaining how much she loves everything about horses, yet she can’t devote nearly the time she’d like to being with them due to her obligations as Sovereign. With complete transparency, she states, “I think that was the life I was suppose to live.” Wow! How many people do you think resonate with her honest declaration—how many people are living a life out of obligation rather than choice?

Everyone has a choice—even the Queen—to live the life they were suppose to live. Ironically, she became queen because her uncle chose to live the life he wanted to live. What life do you want to live? Are you in a job you hate? Are you in a marriage you hate? What is it about your life you wish were different? We were never meant to travel through this life unhappy, sad, or alone. Listening to the Queen say, “I think that was the life I was suppose to live,” was not only sad but incredibly ironic. One would think she, as the Queen of England, has everything—but does she?

If you are reading this and you are “living the life,” kudos to you! Be grateful, give back to others, and lend a helping hand. But if you are reading this and feeling a bit like the Queen, then all is not lost, not by a longshot. Decide today to take back your life! What do you want to change? What NEEDS to change? Here’s the deal, we only get one shot at this thing called life, if it isn’t the way you want it to be, then only you can change it. I didn’t say it would be easy, but I know it will be worth it. Everyone deserves happiness. Everyone.

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