On Friday night, the Supreme Court announced that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died due to complications of metastatic pancreas cancer. The world was not shocked by this news as she had been failing, but many were saddened by the loss. Regardless of where one stands politically, the life and career of RBG is one that many will look at with at least respect, if not, admiration. She was not perfect, by any means, but she paved a path where there was none; and for many, especially women and the millennials, she was a role model and an unlikely icon.

I’m not writing to debate RBG. Every death makes me think about my own life in a deeper and more profound way. I start to think about things like impact, purpose, and passion. I ask myself questions like, “Why am I here?” and “What’s the significance of my life?” RBG lived a life of tremendous significance. Maybe we all can’t live a life as deep as hers, but shouldn’t we at least try?

Most of us reading this aren’t in our 80’s, but even if you are, there’s still time. Take the word significance and really dive in deep. Where is your help needed? Specifically you. You and I can make the world a better place, but not if we don’t do something. Before we leave this earth, think about words like significance, role model, icon, impact, passion, and purpose—and if all of what we do is only for our family, let’s give it some more thought. And then, maybe someone will call you “Notorious” as well. That’ll be cool!

With Gratitude,


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