Saturday, Doug and I went to a local bike shop to look for a new bike for me—it’s finally time to retire my 30-year-old Trek. The guy at the bike shop was about as knowledgeable as they come with bikes. I was definitely drinking from the firehose with him as he was spouting out more information than I could process. At one point, he was obsessing over the weight of the bike, encouraging me to lift it, and I replied, “I don’t plan on carrying it a lot.” He chuckled at my lack of understanding and said, “You’re the one who will be “carrying it” up hills. You’re the motor. Without you, it doest move.” Lightbulb moment! Right, weight does matter.

I had thought about me as the motor before. The bike will only go where I decide to take it. That could be around the corner or around the country, but if I don’t get on the bike, it will remain in the garage, collecting dust. The same is true with you and me. Our dreams and desires need us to be the motor! They DO NOT MOVE without us. They will remain in the “garage of dreams”, until we are brave enough to be the motor! What dream, aspiration, hope, goal, yearning, or desire is parked in your garage right now—waiting for you to be brave?

We all believe this dream needs the right time, with the right amount of education, the right amount of money, etc. but that’s not true. That’s actually a brilliant and elaborate excuse! The truth is— this dream needs US! Period. End of sentence. All of our waiting for the perfect scenario is arguably an unintentional yet deliberate form of procrastination driven by fear. Today, accept the truth: you and I are the motor! It’s time to open the garage door and take the bike out for a spin. Let’s GO! We got this.

With Gratitude,


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