What is motivating during a pandemic? I’m definitely tired of just about everything associated with this virus, although I am still honoring what needs to be done. Part of me has put life on hold until this ends, but I can assure you – THAT doest motivate me. Part of the frustration, from this seemingly never-ending pandemic, is the lack of structure. But we don’t have to accept that; we can create structure where there is none.

One thing I have wanted to do for years is attend a weekly yoga class, but I have never done it. Why? Because it’s not easy. You see, human beings, by nature, are lazy. We do what’s easy and convenient. The thing that has hindered me from signing up for a weekly yoga class is this: which yoga studio, which class, which teacher, what time, what kind of yoga, etc. Do you see the problem? Without those answers, I simply never moved forward with scheduling just one class. Humans tend to do what is simple and easy, which means we end up doing a lot of the same. Now—add a pandemic—and you can see the recipe for disaster.

One way to circumvent this problem is to get a buddy to do something with you. I mentioned my desire to do yoga and my sister-in-law, Maureen, chimed in and said, let’s do it on your porch with the t.v.! So we can set up outside, 6 feet apart, do something healthy, and have weekly human interaction! Now that’s motivating! Today, I am encouraging all of us to look at our pandemic life and ask, “What could I schedule weekly (that’s the key) that would safely connect me with the outside world, safely connect me with friends, and be good for my mind and my soul?” We were never meant to be hermits—it’s incredibly unhealthy. 

With Gratitude,
PS The “weekly” part is the key. It’s the anchor that we need during these uncertain times. It’s something we can count on. We lost a lot of our anchors when the pandemic started, but we can create new ones.

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