Have you ever waited until Monday to start a diet? Monday just seems like the best day to start, right? Monday signifies the beginning (of the work week). It’s arguably when our hope for success is at it’s highest. So why not double down on that hope every Monday?

What are you hopeful for that is completely within your control? Your health is one thing. What are you doing to improve your health? Look at ALL the areas of your life and ask, “What am I hopeful for?” Ask yourself about work, family, happiness, love, philanthropy, parents, siblings, finances, health, personal growth, etc. Make a list.

Putting in the work to be more hopeful is important because hope build resilience. You may have never asked yourself, “What am I hopeful for?” —but now is the best time to start. Life is filled with hope, yet hope seems to find a way to hide. The good news is hope tends to hide in plain sight, just like a little toddler covering their own eyes and feeling hidden, even though they’re still fully visible. Let’s do ourselves a big favor, let’s make the list.

With Gratitude,

Author of the daily motivational book The Wake Up Call

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