Like many of you, I started riding my bike again during this pandemic. I have never been part of a cycling group like my husband, but apparently there are rules when you ride. The person leading the group is like a scout. They point out everything they see so the group remains safe. There are even hand signals for things like potholes and gravel. It’s incredibly helpful for all the people following.

Even though the leader identifies potential hazards for the group, as a rider, we have to pay attention as well. No one will follow the leader exactly. We have to make our own decisions at our own time, based on what is right for us, as we travel the road. Sound familiar?

Having a great leader, mentor, coach, or scout in our life is critical. They encourage and inspire us, as well as lend their experience as to what the road ahead might look like. A lot of what they share is integral to our success. But we also need to make our own decisions and we might hit a few potholes along the way, because our journey will be slightly different. It’s ok though—we learn from the potholes. They are how we get better. No one becomes better at anything without facing some challenges; that’s where we develop grit and perspicacity. Today, be grateful for both the leader and the potholes—both make us better.

With Gratitude,

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