We recently put two bird feeders in the yard. I have wanted to do this for years, but after visiting with my friend Cheryl’s home, and seeing her veritable bird sanctuary, I immediately went to  Amazon.com and made my long-awaited purchase. Every day since, Doug and I have been joyfully watching how each bird navigates this treacherous space.

Treacherous? Yes, that is what I have learned. Each bird arrives at the feeder, most often one at a time, petrified, anxious, and on high alert. Before they will even think about putting their head down to get some food, they cautiously look around to make sure it’s safe. Then they take a millisecond to peck some food, but they are instantly back up, vigilantly surveying their surroundings again. It’s painfully slow to watch, but ultimately they accomplish exactly what they were looking for: to be fed.

If we could simply be like the birds. Slowly but surely pecking away at exactly what we want, even though we are scared and uncertain. If we could just be brave enough to take the risk, imagine how we would be fed? The bird calculates the risks for sure—and so can we. The bird says, “It’s worth it.” What is out there, in this world, waiting for you to brave? Is it career or relationship related? What do you want in your life? The “feeder” is full, waiting for you to be brave and take some small calculated risks. Ask the bluejay if he thought it was worth it; he’s in that feeder every day, so my guess is he would tell you categorically, “Absolutely!” 

With Gratitude,

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