Yesterday, as we assembled around the kitchen table enjoying Father’s Day brunch, celebrating Doug, I asked everyone to share the attribute they loved the most about their dad—myself and Doug included. Their answers blew my mind.

What I realized as I listened to all 6 of us share what we learned from our dads was this: None of our dads were perfect but what they imparted wasn’t what they intentionally tried to teach us but simply how they lived their life. It was the example they set—good or bad—that we learned from. It wasn’t what they said but what they did that spoke volumes for us as impressionable children (and adults).

If you’re a leader, in your family or in your career, take this to heart. Your “kids” are watching you and taking it all in, absorbing everything you say and do. It might be time to reassess. Ask yourself this: What do I want them to say about my best attributes when they are sitting at brunch? This is a “by design or by default” question. I believe you are a design kind of person, so let’s go! Pat yourself on the back for what you are doing well, but then put your finger on what needs to change. Pick one thing and fix it by making it a priority and living it – not talking about it. It’s never too late!

With Gratitude,

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